Columbus Avenue Baptist Church is looking for a Pastor!

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March 26, 2023  Pastor Search Update

At the last update Tom mentioned that the posting for a new pastor was on several seminary and convention sites. It was also on our church website. As applications have come in the committee has transitioned to the next phase of the search and has been meeting nearly every week.   Today I am going to share with you what this phase entails, and the next steps after that. In total we have received 14 applications, we pray over each one, and we are giving each one due diligence.

Here are the highlights of this part of the process:

·   First  of all, let me assure you that we are all seeking the man whom God is calling here.

·      Each member of the committee took 2-3 applications at a time, home to review individually.

·      Individually we did our own research on where the applicant has served, or is serving.

·      If we found a sermon online, we watched it, marking an evaluation sheet.

·      Then we met together to discuss our review of the resumes, testimonies, statements of faith, life story, and whatever else has been submitted in the application.

·      Together we watched a sermon, or part of one or two sermons, if available online.

·      We marked on our assessment sheets what more we wanted to know about that pastor and their experience.

 After having reviewed all the applications, and re-reviewed in some cases, we have now moved to the next step.

 At this time, every week we are telephoning 1 or 2 of the applicants for a short 10-minute call, only to fill in some information about which, as a group, we have questions.  It is by no means a formal interview, nor any indication of a short-list. It is just to fill in some gaps.
We’ve learned from these calls more about their love for the Lord and for pastoring. There is no question that each man has a deep love for the Lord, and His Word.  God has a place for each one of them.  The Committee is seeking God for discernment to know which one He is calling to Columbus Avenue Baptist Church.

 Anticipated next steps:

When we finish the phone calls, possibly in the next couple weeks, we will be asking some pastors/candidates to provide written answers to a set of identical, specific questions, which will take some time for them to submit, and some time for us to review. From there we hope to proceed to formal interview(s); which also includes a separate interview with their wife, if they are married. A critical part after that will be to check their references.

In closing:

We appreciate so much your recognition of the need for confidentiality in this process, THAT is why we are keeping you updated with as much as we can, as this is a lengthy, and careful, and prayerful endeavor. We do believe that God has prepared, or is preparing, a man He will call to pastor this church body. Each member of the committee has shared their testimony of how they came to CABC.  As individuals we represent almost every area and view of this church membership.  One of our tests is that when the full committee reaches unanimous agreement on whom to interview, it will be an indication to us, of the man whom God may be calling here to present to you, as well as our belief that God is guiding us to that man and his family; and that man and his family to Columbus Avenue Baptist.

 We very much appreciate your prayers for this church, for our next pastor, and for the committee to recognize the pastor that God is calling to shepherd this church body.  Please continue in this prayer.

If you have any questions please email